The No-Show Epidemic – 6 Tips to Avoid Being Stood Up By Your Clients

One of the biggest challenges sales people and service-based businesses face is the “no-show”. It's happened to us all - from sales proessionals to hair stylists, massage therapists to voice teachers, we all struggle with the problem of clients who make appointments with us and don’t show up. Having been a vocal coach for over 20 years, I have to say that the problem is worse now than it was in the early 90’s; even more frustrating since we now have such amazing tools for communication with email and cell phones. There are no excuses for the no show, it is rude behavior and those who do it should know better. But this blog isn't for them - it is for those of us who are left sitting and waiting. 

What can a business owner do to prevent a no-show?

1) Add an online booking system to your website that sends auto-reminder messages to your clients. (I have just done this on so will post another blog in a few months to report back on my results). Otherwise, send your client an email or txt message the day before the appointment just to confirm.

2) Get paid in advance. This is hard to do for some businesses but for those of us in the voice lesson business, it has been my experience that people will usually show up if they have already paid to be there.

3) Put your cancellation policy on your website.

4) Ask for your clients’ cell number so if they are late, you can txt them immediately.

5) Create an upfront contract when the appointment is made. (Doctors and dentists are excellent at doing this). Tell your clients at the time of booking what your cancellation policy is and what you expect in terms of communication from them.

6) Value your time and stay firm to your cancellation policy.

You can't change other people's behaviour, you can only change your own. If you have a healthy respect for your business and your time, your clients will also respect you.

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