NEW Schedule Includes Evening Lessons!

The online booking system for Kelowna Voice Lab has been modified due to popular demand to include some evening sessions. Along with Saturday morning lessons, we are now open Thursday nights from 7-9pm. We have had fantastic feedback from people…Read more

Christmas Cafe 2015 Student Performance

I was so proud of my students at last night's concert! Twenty singers aged 7 to 70 performed last night at the Kelowna Voice Lab student cafe in downtown Kelowna. This monthly vocal concert is held downtown at O-Lake Cafe…Read more

June Kelowna Voice Lab Student Cafe - Contrasts

June 22nd was the final installation of our monthly student performance at O-Lake Cafe in downtown Kelowna. 14 students sang two songs each in contrasting styles. We enjoyed two duets, a guitar accompaniment and a student guitar/voice performance. Vocal song…Read more

Directing a Play - Quite the Ride!

Having been a theatre performer since high school, I well know and understand how to bring a character to life in a play, it's a challenging, fun and very rewarding experience made all the better by those nightly applause. None…Read more

Vocal Warm Ups - A Gift, Not A Burden

So often, singers are so focused on the outcome of performing songs, they look at the act of warming up as a burden... something they HAVE to do, like eating broccoli. They do it because they know it's good for…Read more

January Student Performance at O-Lake Cafe & Bistro

On Thursday, January 29th, students of Kelowna Voice Lab performed Musical Theatre songs for friends and family at O-Lake Cafe and Bistro downtown on Lawrence. A wide variety of musical theatre songs ranging from Rogers and Hammerstein to Sondheim were…Read more

Kim Foreman-Rhindress - New Name, Same Voice!

On October 10th, Kim Foreman married her sweetheart and soul mate Jim Rhindress in an amazing ceremony held at Sanctuary Garden in West Kelowna. It was an amazing day full of love, music, friends and family. Kim is keeping the…Read more

Yelp Reviews for Kelowna Voice Lab!

We were so pleased to receive the following reviews on

"Kim is, quite simply put, amazing!  I am not and never was a performer of any type, let alone a singer.  My initial call to Kim started with something…

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Tone Deaf is a Myth

I have had numerous singing clients come into my music studio at The Lab over the past few months claiming that they really want to sing but can't seem to sing on pitch and think they are simply just "tone…Read more

"Sally" goes to the recording studio

Do you remember many months ago I wrote about a new student "Sally" who was getting married and wanted to sing a special song at her wedding but she had never sang before in her life? Well, she has diligently…Read more

The Post Show Blues

It is a certain as day follows night; when you do a live theatre show, there is a mourning period once it has come to an end. Sure, while you are in the throws of 21 exhausting performances, there are…Read more