Vocal Damage - What To Do When You've Over Done

     As a singer teacher and vocal coach, I have had several inquiries recently about how to repair vocal
damage. It is every singer and public speaker’s nightmare to have a voice that just won’t deliver when they need…Read more

Live Performance Hits and Misses (Teens)

 I had the pleasure of seeing several live performances this past weekend by teenagers singing in the North Vancouver CityFest outdoor event and at an audition for a local performance group in Vancouver.

At the festival, one of the performers…

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Confessions of a Yoga-Phobe

I have a confession to make. It’s been a dirty little secret for almost 15 years now and I just can’t keep it in any longer – I’ve always been afraid of yoga. There, I said it. I remember a…Read more

It Was Funnier In My Head

I watched the Juno Awards last night, eager to celebrate the wonderful musical talent that Canada is so blessed with. As a singer and performer myself, I’ve always been a Michael Buble fan and was eager to see our great…

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90-Second Cure for the 3:00 Slump

Do you suffer from the 3:00 slump? Need a fast and effective pick-me-up that doesn’t involve caffeine or sugar? Try self stimulation! No, not THAT kind… I’m talking about your Collarbone, your Thymus Gland and your Spleen. In only 90…

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Perfecting your 60-second introduction in business

I had such an interesting voice coaching session this past week with a woman who has been a fitness coach and has begun facilitating larger group meetings with the intent of eventually becoming a professional motivational speaker. We began at…

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Tapping into your Chi (Core) for Vocal Power

Have you ever had to call to someone urgently across a busy street? Been surprised suddenly so you cried out? Ridden on a roller coaster where the thrill made you scream? Did your voice make a bigger than usual sound?…Read more


This morning, I woke up early to the sounds of birds singing – woo hoo!! It’s a sure fire sign that the dark, dreary days of winter are finally coming to an end! Here in Kelowna, BC the crocuses and…Read more

It's not YOU - it's your CHARACTER!

As a vocal coach, I always ask my students about the “character” they’ve created for the song they are about to sing. Each and every song is its own story and demands its own character to communicate its unique message.…Read more

What's Holding You Back?

I had an interesting experience last night with a vocal student who seemed to have a mental block around one particular vowel sound on one particular note. It took over 10 minutes of focused exercises before she finally started to…Read more