Auld Lang Syne

I had an emotional experience on Christmas Eve that involved two of my children singing. My daughter was born singing and has never stopped but my son hasn’t tried to sing in over 5 years and I have been sad… Read more

Christmas Songs - The Naughty and Nice List

It’s that time of year… cool new versions or unmitigated butchery of holiday music assaults the ears on the radio, in department stores, schools and special concert presentations. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some new versions and…

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I am a doctor of singing. Patients come to me and ask me to “fix” their voice much as you might go to your doctor and ask them to “fix” a health issue. During your visit, a thorough examination is…Read more

Protecting Your Voice in10 Simple Steps

It’s every singer’s worst fear – that their voice won’t be there for them when they need it most. Doing a very demanding musical show, gigging for 2-3 hours in an evening fronting multiple songs, or giving a long speech…Read more

Strength in Numbers

I had a cool experience last night when my voice student couple brought the wife’s sister along to the lesson. She had never done a singing lesson before and was very nervous. However, while there, it became apparent that…Read more

Fear Follies

I find it interesting that I get so many inquiries from potential new voice students on my website. In ten inquiries only about five of them will follow through to meet me and start lessons. Of those five who begin,…Read more

Singing - It's All In Your Head

As a vocal teacher, I tend to use a lot of visual images when I teach and am constantly surprised at the results. Simply placing a new picture in someone’s mind can dramatically alter the tone, pitch and intensity of…Read more

It's Never Too Late

Last week, I had the most adorable couple come in for a singing lesson. Both were in their 70’s and had not sung in over 20 years. They both had good basic instruments that are just a little rusty now…Read more

Turkeys and Comfort Zones

This past weekend, I had the luxury of enjoying three separate and unique Thanksgiving dinners. The first meal I made completely, the second meal I was a guest and made none of the food and the third meal I contributed…Read more

You Are What You Believe

As Henry Ford so wisely said “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right.”

I had to do a 15-minute presentation today in front of my business networking group and rather than just bore everyone talking…Read more

Alto ... Schmalto!

Many singers get quite fixated on the label assigned to them from often a very early age as to what vocal range they have. “I’m an Alto”, “I can’t sing that high, I’m a Baritone”, or “That’s way too low…Read more

The Strain of it ALL

As I mentioned, I’m currently in a show that oppened this weekend and is running 5 performances per week for 3 weeks. Yesterday afternoon, during the last performance of the week and after 5 days of rehearsals, one of my…Read more