Alto ... Schmalto!

Many singers get quite fixated on the label assigned to them from often a very early age as to what vocal range they have. “I’m an Alto”, “I can’t sing that high, I’m a Baritone”, or “That’s way too low…Read more

The Strain of it ALL

As I mentioned, I’m currently in a show that oppened this weekend and is running 5 performances per week for 3 weeks. Yesterday afternoon, during the last performance of the week and after 5 days of rehearsals, one of my…Read more

Falsetto - Finding your "False Voice"

I’m in a show right now and one of the male leads who has a big huge resonant baritone voice has to sing two songs that reside in his falsetto range. At first, he was completely freaked out and was…

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Vocal Resonance - What the Heck is that anyway?

In the last blog, we talked about how the human voice makes sound with the vocal chords. Today, let's talk about a little more elusive topic – resonance. What is it that makes one voice stand out from another? What…

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How Your Voice Works

Our voice is something we use every day without even really thinking about it... until we HAVE to think about it... like when we are singing or giving a presentation. Have you ever wondered exactly how your voice works? What…

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Hello LinkedIn :)

Since a large part of my work is working with the business community, I'm happy to announce the creation of a new LinkedIn group called Kelowna Voice Lab. Here, we can share sound tips on how to make the most…Read more