Speech, Acting, Spoken Word and Audition Coaching 

Want to be a better actor? Have a big audition you need to get ready for? 

Need to learn how to be a more effective public speaker? Are you starting an online presence and need to be more comfortable or effective in front of the camera?

Lessons and coaching sessions for acting, spoken word and speech can really help give you the confidence you need. 

Monologues, speeches and business presentations use the same basic skill sets of communication and intent that make for a better overall impression and presentation.

Kim's NYC theatre training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, her New York City experience as well as her extensive history in both acting, writing and directing plays in the U.S. and Europe makes her a well-rounded acting and audition coach for adults, teens and children.  

Over the years, dozens of Kim's acting clients have won call backs and major roles in local theatre and school productions. Coaching makes all the difference.

Kim's business experience extends through sales and presentation skills training over a period of 20 years. In your effective speaking coaching session, you will learn what your body language is saying that your words aren't and how to speak with authority.

Book a coaching session and let's see how we can move you forward on your journey as a successful actor or public speaker.


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