Kelowna Voice Lab Christmas Concert Preparations 

It's that time of year again! Music has just been selected for the 6th annual Kelowna Voice Lab Christmas Concert and it promises to be our biggest and best concert to date!

The concert will be held at Montreal Real Foods in Kelowna - 1851 Kirschner Road. The doors open at 6:00 and the concert will begin at 7:00.

Students will be performing one solo each and will all perform together as a choir for two songs. Kim and Jim might also perform a song if time allows. 

We are especially excited that three…

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Podcast Coaching For Pros 

Using a vocal coach isn't just for beginners. Three different adult students are currently using Kelowna Voice Lab to enhance their webinar presentations. When they first started, these successful adults knew they weren't fully prepared to present their material effectively. It wasn't that they didn't know their material... they did but they weren't communicating the "best self" they wanted to present.

I'm delighted to share that within two or three sessions, my clients felt a LOT more comfortable not only…

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Voice Lab Wins At Kiwanis Music Festival! 

Congratulations to vocal students Amanda, Amy, Caden, Cassidy, Jennifer, Jillaine and Morgan. Out of over 125 musical theatre and pop music singing competitors, Kelowna Voice Lab students placed first, second or third in every category they competed in. In addition, Jennifer and Morgan were singled out to receive a special $100 award and Morgan will be performing her musical theatre song at the final awards gala in May.

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Kelowna Voice Lab Donates $525.00 to the Kelowna Women's Shelter! 

Congratulations KVL Students!

Because of your hard work making the 2016 Christmas CD, we were able to present a cheque  for $525.00 to the Kelowna Women's Shelter!

Kim Foreman-Rhindress presented the cheque to the Shelter's Executive Director Karen Mason on January 13, 2016 as well as a few complimentary Christmas CDs they said they would love to play in the shelter and in their gift shop next year.

The vocal student Christmas CD project was a huge success with 100 CDs being printed.

We will definitely plan to…

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Kelowna Voice Lab Christmas CD 

Wow! We DID it!

Sixteen voice students of Kelowna Voice Lab went into the recording studio in November and recorded their favourite Christmas songs.

The result is the first Christmas CD Kelowna Voice Lab has ever produced.

Vocalists chose a wide variety of songs ranging from the funny "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" to such classics as "Silver Bells". 

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Kelowna Voice Lab Hits 50 Students! 

Well, it has happened - drum roll please..... Kelowna Voice Lab now has 50 enrolled voice students this year.

Wow! I'm so excited at the amazing number of talented singers young and old I get to work with this year.

Ranging in age from 5 to over 70 (they won't tell), it's endlessly interesting finding the right songs and techniques to help these individual singers.

As a vocal coach, I'm looking forward to many "ah-hah!" moments this year as people discover different facets of their voices.

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Kelowna Kiwanis Music Festival Results 

Kelowna Kiwanis Music Festival – 2016 
Nine students from Kelowna Voice Lab competed this year in the Kelowna Kiwanis Music Festival in both musical theatre and classical voice. This is the 90th year anniversary of this Canada-wide music competition. A total of 18 pieces were performed. For many students, it was their first time ever competing and I couldn’t be more proud of how everyone did at the competition. Our studio was extremely well represented and several awards were won. 

Kiwanis insists on RCM

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8 Things An Audience Wants 

Going to see a performer live in a big venue is a big commitment of time and money. It’s expensive nowadays with an average concert ticket starting at over $50.00 (plus service charges). If you buy a bottle of water, that’s another $5.00… beer or wine? $10.00. Oh, and you want a t-shirt too? That’ll be another $40.00. Parking costs if it’s local, hotel costs if it’s farther away. Yikes!! Before you know it, you are $150.00 - $300.00 in for the evening and this is just a starting price - some tickets can…

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7 Tips for Singing The National Anthem A Capella 

I was honoured to sing the anthem to open the Canadian National Inter-University Curling Championships in Kelowna. March 20, 2016. Singing a capella and alone is perhaps one of the greatest challenges a singer can face. There is no band to hide behind, no group harmonies to blend in with, no beat to groove to and in a song like the national anthem, no character to immerse yourself into. There is only you - raw and naked. The arena has the biggest sound delay I have ever experienced "over 12 seconds - twice…Read more

Campfire Cafe Starts April 19, 2016 

Our monthly student cafe performances have been a huge success in downtown Kelowna at O-Lake Cafe. The owners have very graciously agreed to keep the cafe open later than usual so we can launch something new that will begin at 8:00 pm when the student cafe is finished.

Campfire Cafe is a new group teaching experience where novice and intermediate guitar players can learn new sing along songs. Jim and Kim Rhindress will put forward four songs from which the group will choose the three that they want to learn…Read more

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