Vocal Warm Ups - A Gift, Not A Burden

So often, singers are so focused on the outcome of performing songs, they look at the act of warming up as a burden... something they HAVE to do, like eating broccoli. They do it because they know it's good for them (and their voice teacher makes them), not because they particularly enjoy it. In my Kelowna voice studio, I find myself reminding my students that the vocal warm up is a loving act they are engaged in. A vocal warm-up is a gift the singer gives to themselves and to their voice.

It is only during the vocal warm up period that you get the opportunity to focus 100% of your energy purely on the sensation of how it feels to sing. I ask students to close their eyes and visualize the air flowing into their lungs, to concentrate on how the muscles in their abdomen, sides and back engage as they start to phonate, how their throat feels as the sound is produced, where they feel the resonance happening. I ask them to fully appreciate the beauty and power of their voice and to pay attention to how the rest of their body supports their voice as it is making the various sounds.

When you are working on a song or performing, a great deal of your attention should be placed on communicating with your audience and connecting with the material you are presenting. Conversely, the vocal warm up is 100% about YOU and how you are connecting with YOUR instrument. Your whole body is your instrument and allowing yourself the gift of warm up time gets you to a place of full connection with it. Not only will warming up help strengthen and protect your voice, but it will also give you a better performance experience.

So give your voice the gift of a warm up - you'll be glad you took the time!