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"Kim is, quite simply put, amazing!  I am not and never was a performer of any type, let alone a singer.  My initial call to Kim started with something like, "I'm pretty sure I'll crack glass ...".  I wanted to sing a song to my husband on our wedding day that was about 9 months down the road - not just any song though - Etta James' At Last.  It seemed very appropriate given that we were both in our fifties and neither of us had been married before.  If you read her blog on the Kelowna Voice Lab website - I'm "Sally".

After the initial consult, Kim and I met weekly and she would show me various exercises that would help to strengthen my voice.  She was not only training my voice to sing, she was also re-training my brain to have a greater degree of confidence in my abilities beyond singing - pretty sneaky, eh?  Afterwards, I would practise daily in my car on the 30 minute drive to and from work with the audio track that she would give me.

Kim has the skill and abilities teach people - there is absolutely no need to question that.  Her resume of her training,  as well as coaching others and performing (I've see her perform ... powerful!) speak easily to that.  What sets Kim apart is that she has the intangible qualities that make a teacher so much more than just a teacher.  She has the warmth and genuinely caring personality that reach out to people, at the pace they need, to help them to realize that they CAN do this.

If you have the opportunity to have a session with Kim, please make it happen - it will be a gift to yourself!" 

- Shelley Murrison, Kelowna, BC

"Kim at Kelowna Voice Lab has helped me overcome a HUGE fear of mine- singing in front of people. 
I have wanted to sing for as long as I could remember, but had a panic inducing fear of doing it front of other people.  I contacted Kim abut singing lessons and she made me feel extremely comfortable, worked at my pace and was instrumental about finally breaking out of my shell.  She covers everything from ear training, pitch, breathing exercises and lots of vocal work!!
Thanks to Kim, I was able to ditch the fear and even record my own demo CD!
If you are a complete beginner, Kim is great.  If you are intermediate or pro, Kim is great!
Highly recommended :)"
- Kashlee Parmiter, Kelowna, BC

"I have been a client of Kelowna Voice Lab for over a year now and I am thoroughly impressed! I have been active in the acting community in Kelowna for years and I have been wanting to strengthen my singing in order to open up more roles to me. Kim has helped me more in a year than I thought possible, my range has opened up and I am hitting notes that I never thought were possible for my voice. She has taught me proper breathing techniques  and how to be a more confident performer. I would highly recommend  Kelowna Voice Lab for anyone wanting to improve their vocals! Thank you Kim for all you have done for me!"

- Ashley Johnson, Kelowna, BC