Podcast Coaching For Pros

Using a vocal coach isn't just for beginners. Three different adult students are currently using Kelowna Voice Lab to enhance their webinar presentations. When they first started, these successful adults knew they weren't fully prepared to present their material effectively. It wasn't that they didn't know their material... they did but they weren't communicating the "best self" they wanted to present.

I'm delighted to share that within two or three sessions, my clients felt a LOT more comfortable not only with their material but with how they were presenting it. When the day came to record their webinars, they felt more grounded, confident and natural.  

At Kelowna Voice Lab, we use Apple technology to film you, to review what you're doing right and where your body language, tone or speech patterns might be undermining your message or confidence.

Having an experienced voice coach can really help give you perspective and knowledge of how to bring the best possible "you" to the foreground.