"Sally" goes to the recording studio

Do you remember many months ago I wrote about a new student "Sally" who was getting married and wanted to sing a special song at her wedding but she had never sang before in her life? Well, she has diligently been coming for a weekly singing lesson and we decided that she was finally ready to record the song for her big day which is happening in about 2 weeks.

Confidence is so important in singing and we mutually decided that there would be so much going on at the wedding, she would be better to record the song in a studio and that she could privately sing it to her man while the guests could hear her voice singing and she and her new Mr. were having their first dance. It couldn't have worked out better!

We met at the studio on an afternoon and I had already sent them the back track for the song and recorded my voice singing to it so they were prepared. Sally really needed another voice to guide her through the song and give her the boost to project. I had her sing through it once and then we decided to record it phrase by phrase... often doing 3 passes until we felt that we had captured the very best one. While she was singing each phrase, I stood in front of her, made faces, gestured with my hands and generally did anything I could think of to help her relax and truly enjoy the spirit of the song. By the end, I know we got a version that showcased her voice well and really represented who she is.

We listened to the RAW version and are going back to the studio later this week to hear the completed one as it still needs some warmth and colours added to her vocal as is normal in all professional recordings. (I can't wait to see her face when she hears the final version) and I'll post a copy in a future blog post after the wedding and the big surprise is over.

It was an amazing privilege to participate in helping her accomplish this huge personal goal and I send my very best wishes for their wedding day. I bet there won't be a dry eye in the place!